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Offering PA6 resin from one of the leading suppliers of PA6 chips for nylon oriented film, cast film and multi-layer film producers. Utilizing cutting edge advanced equipment and technology from Germany, nylon 6 production is specifically targeting food-contact film grade, which is higher standard than other grades. During production, strict control measures are maintained in each stage of the process, to ensure low moisture content, low extractable content, and no black or yellow chips.

Film Grade



Different viscosities will influence the running flowability and the film’s strength.

This grade is designed to be used in oriented film processing technology.



Co-Extrusion film grade


RV: 3.3

This grade is designed to be used in multi-layer blown film coextrusions.






Applications: BOPA Film, Coextrusion Film & Casting Film

  • Casting, biaxial stretching, multi-layer
  • Coextrusion and other processing methods
  • High mechanical strength, high thermal stability and excellent gas barrier property
  • Used for flexible packaging for food and medicine.