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Mono-oriented & Foamed Polypropylene

MOPP (monoaxially oriented polypropylene):
The term MOPP is used to describe film monoaxially stretched (oriented) in one direction – in this case “machine direction”. Our materials have proven success for such applications as base film for labels, self-adhesive tape, cable tape, silicone coated base film, strapping tape and ribbons and bows. Developed using the latest technological standards, our films’ key product attributes are their high tenacity and excellent cross web profile.


Thickness range 25 to 100 micron (1 mil to 4 mil)
Width 23″ to 55″
Surface treatment ≥ 40 dynes
Density .92 gr/cc3 (dependent on thickness/color)
Elongation at break > 35%


FOPP (foamed oriented polypropylene)

These decorative films are renowned for the high yield advantage only foamed products can offer. The combination of expanded and oriented PP gives this material excellent gauge control resulting in tremendous down-stream production efficiencies. Designed for three primary markets: decorative ribbon, film tape and fancy bows, our customer base continues to praise the color consistency and ease of use our film provides. Available in 35 standard and iridescent colors, these materials are ideal for flocking, lamination, metalizing and embossing.


Thickness range 100 to 130 micron (4 mil to 5.2 mil)
Width 10″ to 50″
Surface treatment ≥ 38 dynes
Density .55 (dependent on thickness/color)
Elongation at break 25%