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We have virtually every grade of BOPP film to meet your packaging needs.

Applications include: Overwrap coex films • Wrap-around and roll-fed labels - clear and white films • Metallized sealable and nonsealable films • Outer layer nonsealable films • Matte finish • Tape • Pearlized and solid white films • Cavitated white films - as low as 0.55 density • In-mold (IML) films • Board laminations • Over laminations • Folding box windows • Paper bag windows • Acrylic and PVDC coated films • Flower wrap

Nonheatsealable Printing, lamination tape, labels, overlam, insulation, metallizing, etc.
Heatsealable Overwrap, form/fill/seal, bakery, printing lamination, metallizing, etc.
Solid white Overwrap packaging, laminations, etc.
Cavitated white Printing, lamination, overwrap, bakery, etc.

Acrylic one side

High-barrier laminations
High barrier
Moderate aroma barrier applications
Acrylic two side High aroma barrier applications
Acrylic/PVDC Aroma and oxygen barrier applications
PVDC one side Moderate oxygen barrier applications
PVDC two side High oxygen barrier applications