Your Global Film and Alu Foil Source - We Make Import Easy!!

  1. CUSTOMIZED SUPPLY CHAIN PROGRAMS - This will improve your balance sheet and cash flow. Just in time delivery programs (warehouse or consignment). Split payment invoices for low usage items, also other programs where payment terms can vary item to item.
  2. MULTIPLICITY OF PRODUCTS AND SOURCES - Balance risks and pricing differences that exist globally.
  3. FULL TRANSPARENCY - Our producers are fully disclosed and products are sold in their packaging. No surprises, we only sell what you approve and qualify.
  4. VALUE - The best combination of quality, price and service. Our world class product's are key. We do not work with off grade material.
  5. LOCAL SUPPORT - The best offshore products, while working with a domestic company.
  6. LEVERAGE YOUR PEOPLE'S TIME - Our ability to act as an extension of your sourcing department. With over 40 years of experience, we are very familiar with most international film and foil producers.
  7. LOGISTICS MANAGEMENT - The ability to deliver products from all over the world to anywhere in the world. Tracking of all open orders.
  8. KNOWLEDGE - Highly technical sales force; knowledgeable on most substrates, ink, equipment, etc. Able to help converters troubleshoot.
  9. GLOBAL - We know what is going on world-wide and we share this knowledge!
  10. STRATEGIC THINKING AND PLANNING - We think long-term, we offer ideas and strategies for dealing with the global village. We also help put together joint-ventures and facilitate mergers/acquisitions.