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Target Customers & Supply Chain Options

General inventory-- stock in not usually available for "off the shelf sales" but custom inventory held under specific purchase orders for customers is available.

Minimum usage requirements--One container, either 20,000 lbs or 40,000 lbs, which can be made up of various gauges, widths and different grades of BOPP or in combination of other substrates that are available.

Maximum usage requirements--No limitations on capacities; we offer a multitude of manufacturers to provide hedging against localized price fluctuations, tight market constraints, political instability and exchange rate risks.

Off-grade films--Generally not available.

Supply Options--We offer direct shipments of full containers which can be with or without a safety stock option. Also we offer consignment programs and just-in-time releases from a specially established local warehouse.

Payment terms--Negotiable depending on financial strength, geographic location and consumption rate of our film. Geographic limitations-Anywhere in the world that a ship and a truck can reach.