Now Plastics provides a wide variety of standard and customized designer sleeves, sheets and roll film to enhance the appearance of your bouquets.  Choose from an assortment of sleeve sizes and styles including; Clear, K printed, straight-edged, scallop-edged, sealed bottom or a hybrid.
Order from our large inventory or create your own bouquets design.  Our designs complement your bouquets without detracting from them.  Sleeves can also be micro-punched or UPC coded.
Aesthetic appeal and attractive pricing:  NOW Plastics is the sensible choice for your floral sleeve, sheets and rolls.

Unprinted Sleeves

(From 1 to 2 Mil thickness)

  • CPP--For cut and dried flowers
  • BOPP--Premium bouquet sleeve, crystal clear
  • Pointed Top BOPP--This crystal-clear sleeve pulls off the header in a pointed shape and give the look of a hand-wrapped bouquet
  • Silverback BOPP front, Metalized CPP back--Reflective material enhances the perception of a larger bouquet

Printed Sleeves

(From 1.2 Mil to 2 Mil Thickness)

  • Straight Cut Top BOPP--1.2 Mil, Many stock sizes, designs and colors.  Also available upon request is custom sizes, shapes and printing.
  • Scalloped Cut Top BOPP--1.6 Mil
  • Raised Scallop BOPP--1.60 Mil

BOPP Sheets and Rolls

( From 0.8 Mil to 2 Mil Thickness)

  • Rolls and sheets can be printed or unprinted
  • Superior clarity and quality
  • Rolls and sheets cut to virtually any dimension


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