Co-extruded film which used to be mainly for meat and cheese applications have exploded in terms of other packaging applications with the demands towards pre-cooked, case ready meats. These films are now used in flow pack processes, vacuum packing, gas flushing and other modified atmosphere applications.

Our are designed to provide either medium or high barriers to oxygen, other gases and water vapor and extend products shelf-lives. We are able to provide films which are forming web which draw on Mulitvac and other equipment and the top webs which form the lids for the packages.

Our coextrusions are available in 3, 5,7,10 or 14 layer compositions which are all custom made to the user’s specifications. Frequently we can help design a product solution which allows the converters to achieve the demands of the package but with thinner films. And coextrusions have the added benefits for converters that because they are made in one extrusion process, they are generally more economical than laminations and the risk of delaminations is virtually zero.

Generally, our coextrusions are combinations of nylon (Polyamid or PA), polyethylene (PE) or similar seal layer materials and can be produced with or without EVOH for extra barrier.

In addition, for customers who wish to have printed films, we can add a laminated top layer, typically PET or PP with a high gloss which is reverse printed, so that the package is highly attractive to consumers.

Typical bottom or forming web constructions which are available and are also customizable are:

  • 3 layer:
    • PE/EVOH/PE
    • PA/tie/PE
  • 5 layer:
    • PE/tie/PA/tie/PE
    • PA/tie/PA/tie/PE
    • PA/EVOH/PA/tie/PE
  • Our films strive to provide the following attributes and advantages:
    • Exceptional seal strength
    • Flex crack resistance
    • Tie layers which give superior bond to handle oils, chemicals and other contaminations.
    • Pasteurizable
    • Hot-fillable
    • Antifog if necessary
    • UV blocking
    • High mechanical strength

Due to the specialized nature of these films, datasheets are not generalized but will be provided once your specific needs have been analyzed and a custom formulation and solution is proposed by our sales specialists. 

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