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Retortable packaging, where products are cooked inside their package during the manufacturing process, are a huge industry in Europe and the trend is coming to North America. Typical products include pet food, spices, and MRE's, and new applications are on the way.
We offer the following specialized films which are suitable to withstand the requirements of the retort chambers, and comprise the majority of the packaging structures:
Cast polypropylene (CPP) - standard and easy-tear films which act as the sealant
layer of the laminated structure; also in a peelable lidding film
Polyester (PET) - higher heated resistance
Nylon (BOPA)
We are pleased to introduce a new line of retortable cast polypropylene films for retortable applications. These films have superior bond strength, seal strength and overall performance versus other CPP films available on the market. Converters can choose between our standard retort films and a directional easy tear film which provideds foe a more consumer friendly package. All of these films retain excellent seal integrity before and after the retort process-our key to success.
The "easy tear" film version provides the converter and the end user with a product that tears straight at low propagation forces. This allows the package to be opened easily without the manufacturer having to do laser scoring, a costly step which can now be eliminated.
Thicknesses can be customized to your needs, but generally range as follows:
Sealant layer films 50 micron (2 mil) to 150 micron (6 mil)
Lidding films 70 micron (2.8 mil)
Polyester is typically used in the outside layer. Our polyester films are available with normal heat resistance and also enhanced resistance and other properties. Typically, we supply this film in 48 gauge (12 micron) or 92 gauge (23 micron) thickness.
Nylon is used to provide strength and barrier properties. Our biaxially oriented nylon films )BOPA) are available in both blown and tenter-framed versions. While the blown version provides more balanced properties in TD and MD, out tenter-framed version is generally preferred by those who laminate because of its superior layflat (planarty).
BOPA is available in thicknesses of 48 gauge (12 micron), 60 gauge (15 micron) and 100 gauge (25 micron).
We also offer the option of two-sided corona treatment, if necessary.