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Now Plastics may be the only company in North America which can supply its customers with the complete range of substrates which are available for the very fast growing market of high quality full body shrink sleeves for bottles.
The following products are available to printers and convrters of shrink sleeves:
PVC 40 micron (1.6 mil) and up Shrink rates currently to 66% (Best in the
market) (see below for product development -
PET 45 micron (1.8 mil) and up Shrink rates close to 80%: very low MD shrink to
avoid "creepage"
OPS 40 micron (1.6 mil) and up Shrink rates approximately 76%
PLA 40 micron (1.6 mil) and up Shrink rates close to 75%
BOPP 20 micron (0.8 mil) and up Shrink rates renging from 6% to 15%
While PVC continues to receive a mixed bag of good and bad press because of its perceived toxicity, it continues to dominate the marketplace because it provides printers and converters with the most flexibility and frendliness in terms of its printability, seaming and controlled shrink rates and the lowestoverall cost of manufacturing.
Now Plastics, along with their partner Alfatherm, SpA of italy is pleased to announce a 3 fold increase in capacity for North America and Europe due to the newest advance technology manufacturing line of PVC shrink, which is targeted for both the shrink sleeve market and also tamper evident bands. The new calendaring line will offer noteworthy advantages over many traditional shrink sleeve films.
Alfatherm's film production integrates, in one line, the calendaring process and stretching unit which gives significant benefits in term of film quality including superior gauge control, planarity and roll profile. Further, there is a 100% scanning system in place which detects and removes film defects which can go undetected by other manufacturing processes.
The advantages of this film, for lables, are that it will shrink and stretch perfectly to adhere to various types of containers including glass, plactic and aluminum. It will maximize printable surfaces to improve aesthetics and reduce costs. Additionally, our film has the following advantages over the competition:
    1. Shrinkage curve - our film has more controllable shrink rates, warrantied up to 66%, which is the best in the market
    2. Higher shrink initiation tempertures - our film starts to shrink only at ___degrees C, which eliminates the need for special refrigerated storage conditions and refrigerated trucking.
    3. No plasticizers - this eliminates a key element which gives PVC its negative reputation and adds a nice rigidity to our film
    4. UV brightener- available upon request
    5. Machine direction shrink - we have the ability to supply high shrink film for the machine direction, for use as a substitute for wrap around lable applications

Available products:

    1. K231 - low shrink rates, up to ___%; for low demand lable applications and wine capsules
    2. K236 - medium shrink rates up to ___%
    3. K238 - high shrink rates up to 66%
New developments for late 2007 - Alatherm continues to be at the forefront of innovation in this industry. During either the third or fourth quarter of 2007, we expext to introduce two exciting products:
  1. Ultra - shrink PVC - shrink rates up to 72% which will allow converters to use PVC rather than PET, OPS or in some cases PLA.
  2. (insert information regarding film for heat tunnels)

Polyester has increased its market share in the shrink sleeve market because it is viewed as more environmentally friendly than PVC, but more importantly it can achieve much higher shrink rates - up to 76%. While PET generally will cost more per square inch than PVC, it can be viewed as the substrate of choice when the end application is a PET bottle or recycling of different substrates causes an issue. PET is highly printable. However, the shrink curve can be exaggerated and thus difficult to control.
Our PET shrinkable film affords the following advantages:
    1. Shrink curve which provides transverse direction (TD) shrinkage as high as any competitive product
    2. Low machine direction (MD) shrink - this is a huge advantage for converting certain types of bottles where creepage
    3. Domestic supply - shorter lead times and more flexable storage arrangements

Oriented poly-styrene is one of the newer substrates used in the market. OPS provides a distinct advantage over PET because it is molecular weight is lower than both PVC and PET by over 25%, so the price per square inch is generally lower for OPS vs. PET. But OPS vs. PVC is highly competitive, and OPS, while deemed economically friendly, it is not as easy as PVC to handle and require special shipping and storage conditions because the shrink initiation temperatures are relatively low.
Our films are available from 40 micron (1.6 mil) and up to 75 micron (3.0 mil).
We also assist the converter with recommendations on specific ink types and other processing conditions to provide the easiest transition possible.

Poly-lactic acid (PLA) based films are made from renewable resources (such as corn starch) and are degradable so they are considered the most environmentally friendly product. These films are relatively new and show tremendous promise for the future, and probably will become a better alternative to OPS. If cost is not the overriding determinant, then PLA is a viable option. Generally, PLA films will have the higher cost per square inch. We offer currently a PLA film which can shrink to ___%.