We offer a branded product called PLASKIN which is a specially developed polyolefin based film for skin packaging.  Skin packaging is a widely accepted method of packaging for hardware items, automotive and other spare parts, medical apparatuses and all other goods where customer appeal and secure packaging are essential.  PLASKIN will adhere to untreated cardboard, which can be printed with ordinary printing inks, reducing packaging costs!
  • ADHESION-- Specially developed for the uncoated board
  • PUNCTURE RESISTANT--Sharp edges and protuberances will not damage the tough skin-film
  • DRAWABILITY--PLASKIN has excellent drawability following the contours of the packaged product.  It has deep draw and hollow spaces present no problems
  • CRYSTAL CLEAR TRANSPARENCY--Maximum sales appeal through sparkling colors
  • OIL AND GREASEPROOF--This property is especially important for technical items which may be grease protected.  For example ball bearings and gears
  • PERMANENCY--PLASKIN is unaffected by temperature variations and will not yellow with age.


Product Availability--This is a stock product in our Los Angeles location where we offer the following standard thicknesses and widths
  • Thicknesses--5.0, 7.5 and 10.0 mil
  • Widths--20" and 26"
  • ID--3"
  • OD--50 lb rolls

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