Biaxially Oriented Polystyrene is used in a wide array of market segments and applications.  The material’s natural rigidity makes it an excellent choice for envelope and carton window film.  Polystyrene is non-hygroscopic and is stable at an effective temperature range from -60º C to +70º C.  With FDA compliance for direct food contact, it’s a perfect die-cut insert labeling film for the poultry and meat market.  As a release liner substrate OPS is a good choice for the middle ply of a piggy-back labels for direct mail or coupon application.  Listed below are some of the more common uses for OPS


Our matte and gloss OPS films are available in the following specifications:

26 micron (1.04 mil) and up-the best yield in the U.S.A.
Antistatic coating
Allows faster machine speeds
Roll Length
OD’s up to 20”

Additionally, our roll configurations increase the total roll lengths by about 40% which allows for longer runs, less roll changes and less scrap of both paper and film.

Due to its extremely high shrinkage rates, OPS is becoming more popular in the ever-expanding field of shrinkable bottle labels.  Our shrinkable films are available in the following specifications.

1.8 mil (45 micron) or2.0 mil(50 micron)
Most widths available upon request
Up to 80%
Ink Systems
Recommended guideline for best quality in printing
Minimum order requirements
Once tested and approved, orders need to be at least 20,000 lbs (can be composed of different gauges and widths

Due to the rigidity, our thicker gauge OPS films are perfect for die-cutting.  These films are generally produced in 2 mil (50 micron) to 7 mil (175 micron) and are suitable for printing. Good Contact certification is available upon request.

Lamination Film

OPS is used in applications such as foamed styrene trays.  Available in clear, white and certain colors.

Insert Label Film

Since our films have FDA compliant and are non-hygroscopic they are perfect for direct food contact and ideal for die-cut applications. 

Release Liner Film

Our OPS films have stable surface energy which allows for good silicone anchorage and ridges for middle ply of piggy-back labels.  They are compatible with solvent-based or curable silicone coatings.

Carton Window Film

We offer this film in either crystal clear or super matte finish.  It is breathable, non-hygroscopic and FDA compliant for direct food contact

Packaging Film

This film offers good oxygen permeation rates for wrapping flower pots.  It is printable with a wide range of ink systems and has a wide serviceable temperature range. 


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