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NOW Plastics synthetic paper is a coextruded polyolefin film engineered to provide converters with a cost effective value-added label material.  The film's design includes excellent toughness with superior dead fold and tear resistance properties as well as water, oil and grease resistance.  Because the film does not generate or hold a static charge it can be die cut in roll applications or delivered through sheet fed presses without concern.  The film's outstanding weatherablity characteristics and resistance to ultraviolet and natural sunlight make it a terrific choice for the demands of outdoor applications.
Inherent in the film's design is its superior print surface, which accepts most common printing methods and ink systems.  Whether you're printing line work or multi-color process using flexography, gravure, letterpress, screen or offset presses you can expect vivid images with deep, sharp colors.  NOW Plastics synthetic paper has been chosen by converters to produce many types of labels, including wrap-around, insert and extended text.

Key Attributes

  • Non-tearable, good stiffness
  • Completely recyclable
  • Paper-like appearance and feel
  • Writable with pencil & ball point pen, etc. 
  • Unaffected by grease & common solvents
  • Dimensionally stable, durable and weather resistant 
  • Printable by offset, letterpress, rotogravure, flexography and silk screen processes
  • Can be folded, sheeted, stapled, die punched and adhesive bonded


  • Insert labels
  • Airline baggage tags
  • Sheet fed labels
  • Posters
  • Temporary ID cards
  • Flip Chart
  • Writing pads
  • Wrap-around labels
  • Folders
  • Extended Text Labels
  • Outdoor labels
  • Calendars
  • Snack food packaging (heat Sealable Grade)
  • Maps

Properties Typical Values Test Method
Calliper 1.6 2.4 3.2 5.2 6.0 10.0 ASTM-D 374 C
Avg. Yield (In