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Intended for use in flexible packaging applications, these coextruded (3, 5, 7, 10 or 14 layers) products are designed to provide superior oxygen, gas, and WVTR barrier properties. Our unique ability to modify each film layer enables us to deliver films that provide excellent seal strength and tremendous flex crack resistance. Quality management is based on ISO 9001 International Standards, which promote continuous product improvement along with accurate product traceability.


Medium & High Barrier "Flowpack" & "Lamination" films designed for high speed Horizontal
and Vertical packaging lines.

Medium & High Barrier "Pouch" films designed for meat, fish, powder (spices, salt and proteins) and liquid (olive oils, chemicals and blood) packaging applications.

Medium & High Barrier "TOP Web" films designed for lidding applications and "Deep Draw" films designed as forming webs for bread, nuts, meat and cheese block applications.