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Our mono-oriented polypropylene (MOPP) film is a film which is only stretched in the machine direction. Applications which require very strong mechanical properties in the cross direction but also giving a relatively easy, single directional tear property in the machine direction are perfect for this film.


Product Specifications:

Data sheets can be provided once our sales experts determine the appropriate product grade for you.
We are proud to introduce one of our newest MOPP films which is presently being used as a preventative overwrap film.  This application is being used by companies who are looking for a way to protect their branded products from "knock offs" produced form counterfeit operators both domestically and internationally.  This film, which has the high clarity of a general overwrap film, is made with a patented technology which utilizes and additive in the film that functions on a specially defined UV spectrum.  Using a hand-held optical reader, the user can instantly confirm whether or not the package in the store or warehouse is authentic.  Industries which are already taking advantage of this film include, tobacco, electronics, CD/DVD, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and others.
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