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Foamed, oriented polypropylene film (FOPP) is essentially a mono-oriented polypropylene film which is highly cavitated through the use of a foaming agent which creates air pockets in the film. The result is a lighter weight film which provides improved yields of up to 40%!
These films are available with the following specifications:
Thickness range          90 to 130 micron
Widths                           Up to 55"
Colors                            Natural (unpigmented) and most any color can be closely 
                                       matched; prices vary according to color
ID                                    6"
OD                                 As requested
This film tends to be targeted lamination applications where the film is either metallized first to bring out the brilliance of the color then laminated to another substrate, or laminated without metallization. Common uses are:
Flocking                                         For fancy gift bows
Decorative products                       Ribbons
Labels                                            Either laminated or surface printed
Packaging                                     Toner cartridges and similar packages
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