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Cellophane Films

Cellophane has regained some popularity due to it being a product made from wood pulp, hence it is a renewable resource.

Cellophane has advantages over some films such as breathability, twistability, high clarity, and other features.

We are now able to offer our customers some alternatives to the near monopoly of Futurama (formerly Innovia).

Item Commodity Substance Regular Size Application
PT-PB PT Sheet Cellulose Film 23-60GSM 850mmX1000mm
450mmX1000mm etc.
Food stuff, medicines, tea, battery, cigarettes & tobacco, flowers, candles, mah-jong, candy.
PT-XJ PT Roll Cellulose Film 30GSM-50GSM 100mm-1800mm
Sausage, Ham, Meat, Cheese, Food stuff (PT400, PT450 with high slipness).
PT-YS Cellulose Film for printing 30GSM Width: 200mm-900mm
Length: 4000m
Good pritable and lamination property, for medicine packing.
PUT-JD Cellulose Film for adhesive tape (PUT40-50GSM) 40-50GSM Width: Net width plus together between 1500-1650m
Length: 2000m-5000m
Adhesive tape (Easy tearing).
PT-CS Color Cellophane
Red, yellow, blue, green, pink, orange, purple, brown, etc.
22-30GSM Width: Net width plus together between 1700-1800mm Wrap firecracker, Joss stick, Food, etc.
Coated MST / PVDC Cellulose film 32+2
Width: Less 1550mm
Length: 2000m-4000m
Moisture-proof, and heatsealing property for medicine, etc.
PT-ZG Small PT roll cellophane 30-50GSM Width: 12.5mm, 16mm, 18mm, 20mm, 112mm, 114mm, etc.
Length: 1000m-4000m
For silicon hose, fishing rod, core board.